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The Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art (The Square) inspires and promotes contemporary arts through exhibitions, collections, events, and education in a historic setting. Our vision is to connect the community with culture and contemporary art. We respectfully support diversity, equity, and inclusion where all voices are heard. Our diverse audience gets an opportunity to make a meaningful connection with the arts when they walk through our doors. The Square engages our diverse audience by collecting, preserving, exhibiting, and interpreting art.  We have a thriving education department that inspires artistic expression and understanding through educational programming all year long that is affordable, and we offer art scholarships. Contemporary artists are supported by because we provide them with an opportunity to develop, create and exhibit new bodies of work. The Square maintains and preserves the beautiful 124-year-old historic building that houses our museum for future generations to come. We provide free admission for all people so come visit The Square today!

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