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318 Central Ave

Great Falls MT, 59401


The Business Improvement District (BID) is the focal point of regional commerce for social, cultural, governmental, business and residential activity in downtown Great Falls. The goal of the BID is to maintain, beautify, and stimulate development in Great Falls’ historic downtown district.

How we work

In 1989, organizational leaders in Great Falls introduced the idea of creating a BID to the property owners of Downtown Great Falls.

The BID is operated by an all-volunteer Board of Directors who are property owners or their designated representatives from within the district; with additional administrative support within their office setting. All board members are appointed by the City Commissioners. The BID has proven itself to be a vital part of the downtown area providing for improvement and beautification.

The BID offers many grant programs to new and existing businesses within the tax assessment district. Façade grant dollars are available for permanent exterior renovations and improvements made to buildings for both new and existing businesses and property owners. Interior Grants are available for the  permanent renovations done to the interior of business space and is available to both businesses and property owners. Residential Grant dollars are available for those property owners looking to renovate properties for permanent residential development. All grant dollars are based on criteria listed below on this website. These grants are designated for partial cost reimbursement and funded upon completion of the project.

Keep up to date with all of the BID’s efforts to continually improve downtown Great Falls and cultivate the businesses that make this their home!

What areas does the BID cover? View an online map here.

The Great Falls BID was established according to Montana Code, specifically MCA Title 7 Chapter 12

Board of Directors of the Business Improvement District

Jason Kunz, Chair

Term Expires: June 30, 2027

Neal DuBois, Vice-Chair

Term Expires: June 30, 2027

Sherrie Arey, Treasurer

Term Expires: June 30, 2024

Max Grebe

Term Expires: June 30, 2024

Alison Fried

Term Expires: June 30, 2027

Keith Cron

Term Expires: June 30, 2027

Click Here For Meeting Minutes

2021-2022 Fiscal Year

The BID’s work plan for the 2021-2022 fiscal year was approved by the City Commission at their meeting on 8/03/2021.  The BID continues to work on the goals and looks for new opportunities as funding allows.
Work Plan 2021-2022 

The BID was renewed for another 10-year period by the City Commission on February 19, 2019. In preparation of our renewal campaign we created a 10-year report to provide our property owners.  View that report HERE

Great Falls Wayfinding Plan

We are excited to announce that the Great Falls Wayfinding Plan is complete!

Click the link below

Great Falls Wayfinding Plan 2020

Please share this freely with others.

2021 Downtown Safety Plan 

Click the link below

 2021 Downtown Safety Plan

Achievements Document

Click the link below

Achievements Document 2021

Coins for a Cause

The Downtown Safety Alliance, including the Business Improvement District, the Great Falls Police Department, NeighborWorks Great Falls, Downtown Great Falls Association, Speaking Socially and others, are sponsoring the program, Coins for a Cause, as an alternative to panhandling. Giving your spare change to panhandlers is only a short-term remedy that can propagate the poverty cycle and does not create a long-term solution. We encourage everyone to donate to Coins for a Cause or to your preferred direct service provider, like those listed below. Your donations will go directly toward providing panhandlers with the services they need, including food, shelter and more.

All donations collected from containers set up in various downtown businesses as well as along Central Avenue will be given to local organizations that provide direct services and resources to people in need. For 2013, $509.96 was presented to the Great Falls Rescue Mission; for 2014, $522.07 was presented to the YWCA; for 2015, $537.45 was presented to Opportunities, Inc.; for 2016, $558.42 was presented to the Grace Home; for 2017, $348.63 was presented to the GFPD Volunteer Program; for 2018, $485.22 was presented to Family Promise; and for 2019, $867.03 was presented to St. Vincent de Paul; for 2020, $345.69 was presented to the Center for Mental Health.

Donating your spare change to Coins for a Cause will help curb panhandling, support local organizations, and provide assistance to those in need. These changes will help make our downtown safer and more vibrant for everyone who lives, works, plays or visits here.

The Great Falls Business Improvement District (BID) is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 and therefore your donation may be tax deductible. Your donation will help make a real change in someone’s life. Donation containers can be found at the following downtown businesses, as well as several outdoor boxes located in the 400 & 500 blocks of Central Ave:

Dragonfly Dry Goods | 504 Central Ave

BID/DGFA | 318 Central Ave

NeighborWorks Great Falls | 509 1st Ave S

Taco Del Sol | 16 6th St S

Inge’s | 600 Central Ave

Kaufman’s | 411 Central Ave

Celtic Cowboy | 116 1st Ave S

GF Lumber | 310 6th St S

Cassiopeia Books | 606 Central Ave

O’Haire Motor Inn | 17 7th St S

Erwin Insurance | 117 1st Ave N

To find out more about the program, schedule an informational session, or learn
how you can host a donation jar, contact:
Kellie Pierce – Executive Director
Great Falls Business Improvement