Children’s Museum of Montana

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The Children’s Museum of Montana is dedicated to kindling and nurturing a love for education in every child that walks through their doors. For over 25 years, the Children’s Museum of Montana has served Great Falls and our surrounding communities by providing a space for young and old alike to stretch the bounds of their creativity and knowledge. They are the largest and oldest children's museum in Montana! Through the Children’s Museum of Montana's life play model, each of their individual exhibits provides the opportunity for creative play and cognitive development. Designed for ages 0-12, the museum continues to expand not only on exhibit offerings, but their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) camp and after school programming within their education department.

Whether through hands-on experimentation as part of the museums camp series, or through extended curriculum services and social interaction in the children's museum  Whizzard Academy after school program, the youth of our community are inspired to seek knowledge and to see the world through a lens of curiosity. Children’s Museum of Montana reach goes beyond just our community- they have seen visitors from around the nation and from overseas!


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