Great Falls Voyagers

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We in Great Falls often get asked why is the local baseball team named the Voyagers? Are they named because of Lewis and Clark and the voyage they took through then Louisiana? No, in fact the Voyagers got their name because of the Mariana UFO sighting here at Centene Stadium back in 1950. Nick Mariana, who was the GM for the team at the time, was walking the stadium while the team was on the road, and looked up and spotted bright lights in the sky. He quickly grabbed his movie camera and started filming the unknown objects. Mariana managed to capture about 15 seconds of footage before the objects quickly sped away. An official Air Force report concluded that the objects were not "birds, balloons, or meteors." We may never know what those objects truly were in the sky that day, but most speculate that they were extraterrestrial Voyagers ...

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