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City Bar’s rich history began in 1939 when Charlie and Anna Watson opened the now historic bar. Many in the community believed the bar wouldn’t last because its location on Seventh Street was too far away from downtown businesses, but the Watsons' ultimately proved critics wrong.

Business boomed as the bar’s pre-prohibition Brunswick back bar, which Charlie had salvaged from the Great Falls Hotel, drew in customers. Bob and Bill Watson, sons of Charlie and Anna, took over management of the bar for their parents in the 1950s. The building has since doubled in size and was remodeled with oak floors and a stately 1800s vintage “Radiant Estate” nickel-plated wood burning stove was installed to expand the bar’s ambiance. The City Bar prides itself on its long-running traditions and history. Our bartenders still retain the tradition of wearing white shirts with ties, which has been a mainstay of the bar since its opening. In 1990 the Watson’s introduced lunchtime service and installed 20 poker and keno machines. Bill Watson’s son Brad and his wife Barb Watson along with their son Tanner, now currently run the bar, representing four generations of the Watson’s 80-year legacy.
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